Changing Currents in Indian Corporates

Even the smallest of changes can impact us in a big way. In a world that is witnessing a pace of change that was hitherto unthought of, corporates have to adjust and adapt continuously. Indian corporates have been able to not only embrace but also to accelerate disruption by leveraging the ability of Indians to combine affordability with excellence across multiple sectors. However, the road ahead is fraught with challenges.

There is an urgent need for the Government and the corporate world to come together and face these challenges through the development of a better governance system for corporates, increase in transparency, improvement in project implementation, and investment in key areas such as education, infrastructure, health, connectivity, etc.

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Director Dr. M P Jaiswal

"Social Inclusion is the most important aspect and we strive to develop a self-sustaining business model to achieve the same," says the Director Dr. M P Jaiswal, IIM Sambalpur.

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Sh. S C Jammir, Governor, Odisha.

"Emotional Intelligence is far more important than IQ and the millennial generation should have strong moral compass," says S C Jamir, Chief Guest of Marmagya 2.0

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Veenu Jaichand, Executive Director, E&Y

"Millennials are open-minded, inclusive and vibrant and adoption of millennials in corporate decision making is needed for organizations to drive future ahead," says Veenu Jaichand, Executive Director, E&Y

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Sumanta Roy, Head - Sales, TCS

"It is the responsibility of GenX to teach and groom Millennials and provide them with the platform of experienced experiences," says Sumanta Roy, Head - Sales, Tata Consultancy Services

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Abhyuday Jindal, Vice Chairman, Jindal Steel

"Technological advancements drive the future of organizations and millennials should be firm and patient to bring in the changes and to fight the resistance," says Abhyuday Jindal, Vice Chairman, Jindal Steel

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Tanaya Patnaik, Executive Director, Sambad Group

"It's important for the millennial generation to be patient and Gen X leaders should mentor the millennials," says Tanaya Patnaik, Executive Director, Sambad Group

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