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A Glance At IIM Sambalpur

Located amidst hills and farmlands, the campus of IIM Sambalpur is peaceful and far away from the hubbub of the metropolis. Mentored by IIM Indore, IIM Sambalpur is one of the third generation of IIMs which started off in 2015.

A typical day at IIM Sambalpur runs from 8:30 AM and revolve around classes, assignments, presentations and exams. Life at the campus is hectic but it is never mundane. Unexpected is always expected here which enables students to be on their toes all the time. Apart from the rigorous curriculum the students also get access to the best faculty in the IIM system. The depth of knowledge of the professors and the sheer ease with which they handle the course are astounding and inspiring us.

This being one side of the coin, there is the fun and artistic side of it too. the campus always sees one or the other fun and leisure activity going on. The students celebrate all the festivals and thus embrace the diversity amongst themselves.

The challenges of a new institute are multifaceted. It is the students’ redemption that lies in continuous quest to meet these challenges head on and live to tell the tale. It is this self-motivation to counter every small and big difficulty with a smile that is the trademark of this institution. It is this culture that would prepare the students for the uncertainties of the Corporate World.

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